The Macedonian Association of International Mountain Leaders - MAIML is a national association of mountain guides from the Republic of Macedonia who are trained and work according to the international professional standard - International mountain leader.

MAIML is a full member of the International Mountain Leader, UIMLA - Union of International Mountain Leaders Associations.

The organization was established in November 2008 and unites mountain guides and alpinist guides in its ranks. So far, 140 mountain guides have been trained by MAIML experts.

First mountain guides were part of the Mountaineering Federation of Macedonia, but from sugestions from the international organizations UIMLA and IFMGA was pointed out that it has a need to be formed independent professional organization of professionally mountain guides, which cannot be part of any sports association, which is why MAIML was formed .

Shortly after the establishment of MAIML, the overall operation of the Macedonian guides, both in the part of training and in the part of performing the activity, rised to a much higher profesional level, which is largely due to different approaches to the activity - professional versus volunteer.

The mission of the Macedonian Association of International Leaders is the affirmation of the mountain guide profession in Macedonia, increasing the number of professionally trained mountain guides, implementing international standards and increasing the safety and quality of services in mountain tourism.

Our ultimate goal is recognition of the Macedonian mountain guides in national and internal frameworks and their firm connection with the real tourism sector.