During the Annual meeting of the UIMLA General Assembly in 2021 it was decided that as of 1-1-2023 (Japan: 1-4-2023) every UIMLA IML should have the new UIMLA carnet: all 22 Full Members of UIMLA worldwide will be using this new design.

The most important feature of the UIMLA carnet has not changed: the holographic annual sticker, which should mention the current year. The logo left to the annual sticker may show the logo of the local UIMLA member association. If the logo of the local UIMLA member association is rectangular, it may be shown as a watermark behind the name and date of birth of the UIMLA IML.

The QR code may link to the UIMLA website, or to the website of the local UIMLA member, or to a page with more information on the UIMLA IML.

When a UIMLA IML has this carnet and a current annual sticker you can be sure that the IML

  • was trained according to the UIMLA Standard and successfully completed the exam(s)
  • fulfills the UIMLA requirements regarding CPD – Continuing Professional Development*
  • has a valid First Aid certificate*
  • has adequate liability insurance*
    *This is verified yearly by the local UIMLA member association before issuing the new annual sticker; this process is audited periodically during UIMLA Compliance Audits
nov dizajn legitimacii uimla licenca
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